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jeremyleerenner-com:what did you enjoy best at school, before you got into theatre studies?

Oh, you know, I went to college studying computer science. I was good in computers. And I realized that my personality didn't fit behind a computer or tearing apart a computer, mind you, when you studied DOS and PASCAL and Basic, I looked around at everybody I was with and realized I had nothing in common with those people. But I was good at computers.

darknezz18:Don't know who you are. What advice do you have for me?

I don't know who YOU are, or what you want to be advised on. HAHAHAH!

Wear sunscreen?

FilmFanatic87:I feel like you should do a romantic comedy. You would be really good in that. What do ya think? Thanks for coming to Reddit! I'm a huge fan of yours. Loved you in American Hustle and you as Hawkeye was a excellent choice!

I think there are so many talented people that are great at romantic comedies. I'm gonna let them do those.

Romantic tragedy?? Perhaps.


unicorn928:What do you think about the Green Arrow?

It's a different universe.

LeeChrista:Jeremy how about some of your "lesser known movies" such as Ingenious and The Immigrant. Both such good movies but harder to find. Do you have a soft spot for these types of films?

Um... soft spot? I don't know. There's always something that attracted me to any role I've ever done. If everything aligns for me to do a part, that's all that matters.

Mr_Thomas_Jr_PHD:Hi Jeremy, thanks for coming to Reddit. During all the drama of Iron Man 3 and Cap 2, Hawkeye was nowhere to be seen. Where do you think he would be?

I think you're going to find out in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

natalievenom: What's the cutest thing your daughter has done lately?

Um... well, she just sent me a message saying that she loves me. She says "I love you." That's pretty damn cute.

Black_Suit_Matty:What's your favorite Dinosaur?

Velociraptor. I love the way they move, like a ninja.

MysticParadox: Besides Hawkeye, which other superhero do you think would be fun to portray?

I'm cool where I'm at. I like doing Hawkeye. If I only get one - I'm glad it's Hawkeye.

Ralkana:Hi, Jeremy! You've got an amazing voice. I was wondering who you'd love to do a duet with? Past or present. Thanks!

Chris Cornell.

Matawa: OMG finally I find an AMA without being 240 hours late to the party!

MR. RENNER, you are one of my favorite actors. I think you part in Neo Ned was one of the best performances I've seen in a movie, actually.

I loved the Jason Bourne movies. Is there any chance of you working with Matt Damon on another Bourne- movie? Also, who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to acting? I've actually thought about this a lot, and in some weird way, I think you have some (a lot?) in common with Bruce Willies actingwise.

Sorry for bad english, Norwegian and stuff

-- Fred

Love Scandinavians!

Is there a chance? There's an outside chance of it happening. I don't have control of that. If I DID have control of that, I would love it to happen, but I don't have control of that.

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